Can you check yourself out of rehab? Well, there are some things you should know about leaving rehab early. Just as it is your choice to check yourself into rehab, it is your choice to check out early. However, if you do so, your entire recovery could be at risk. Most people who leave rehab early do so because they are anxious about what is going to happen. It takes great courage to get into rehab. There are many benefits of continuing through with your program, especially if you want to turn your life around. Recovery is a process and it takes time to work through everything.

Checking Out Early Could Be Very Dangerous

Withdrawing from many types of drugs can be hazardous, if done without supervision. Some people have seizures, heart attacks, or strokes during the withdrawal process. Checking yourself out of a rehab center early, especially during the withdrawal process, is not recommended. Most patients need the 24 hour care they get in rehab to withdraw from drugs safely.

Common Reasons Someone Might Want to Check Out Early

There are a range of emotions that someone goes through when they check into rehab and while they are in the program. There are also many reasons why someone might want to check out of rehab early as well. It is important to think about these reasons, especially if you are committed to getting and staying sober.

One of the most common reasons someone might want to check out of rehab early is due to the experience of withdrawal. However, it is important to know that the worst parts of this experience will be over within a few days to a week. Withdrawing in a facility that has trained medical professionals is the safest place to detox.

Another one of the common reasons someone might want to check out of rehab early is not liking their experience at the rehab center that they chose. The one thing you should remember is that you don’t need to like every part of the rehab experience. It is a matter of allowing the experience to have a positive, lasting impact in your life. Recovery takes perseverance, effort, and time. Life doesn’t automatically get better just because you decided to stop using drugs or drinking. In time and with patience, you will see your life improving.

Steps to Take if You Want to Check Out Early

Are you attending an addiction rehab center program? Are you thinking about leaving early? If so, there are some steps you should take. First, you should speak to your therapist. Let them know how you are feeling. They have seen this in other recovering addicts. They can help you work through concerns about your progress, treatment, or the recovery process. It might help to talk about these concerns during group therapy sessions as well. You aren’t the only one struggling with a desire to leave treatment. Your therapist can help you work through it. The last step to take is to wait things out for just another 24 hours. Check how you are feeling at that point. Rethink the decision and decide if you can make it another 24 hours. Take things one day at a time.

Inpatient rehab treatment is one of the most beneficial types of treatments for many people who suffer from addiction. If you can stick out the program and keep taking things one day at a time, you have a much better chance of overcoming your addiction.

Learn About Escaping Drug Rehab Syndrome

There is something called leaving rehab early against medical advice. Leaving rehab early generally means someone wants to check out of the program less than 30 days after they were admitted. In the first couple days of being in rehab, the recovering addict realizes they no longer have drugs or alcohol in their life. This can be terrifying and nerve-wracking. Many people with an addiction fear getting sober or clean from drugs. The withdrawal process can be worrisome and uncomfortable. Many recovering addicts want to give up at that point.

Wanting to Leave Between 1 to 2 Weeks After Admission

Generally, if someone wants to check out of rehab at this point, they want to use again right that moment. They may also think they have been cured. Someone might want to use or drink again just after they have detoxed because facing life clean and sober seems scary. They are used to masking their feelings, but now they have to face them head-on.

As mentioned, the withdrawal process can be fearful for many recovering addicts. The recovering addict is scared that their lies and secrets will get exposed in their home when they are in rehab. They are worried that everything they had will fall apart. Basically, reality sets in and this can be one of the scariest parts of recovery.

Most recovering addicts who want to check out of rehab during this time frame will try to con their loved ones. They will confuse them or even manipulate them to convince them they can come home. Some recovering addicts have stated there are bad things going on in the rehab, just to get their loved ones to feel sorry for them.

Leaving the Rehab Center Early and the Increased Risk of Overdosing

When someone leaves the rehab center early, usually between the one and two week mark, this is where they have the greatest risk of having a fatal overdose. Most recovering addicts who leave rehab early and immediately use go on the biggest bender of their life. Before being enrolled in the rehab center, the user had increased tolerance. They may even know how to use without overdosing. However, with how badly they want a fix after leaving rehab, they use way more than they did before rehab and their tolerance is now decreased. This makes for a fatal reaction. You talked to the rehab center staff about how to check yourself into rehab, so be sure to talk to them before you decide to check out.

There are walk in rehab centers all over the country. They are beneficial for anyone who needs to overcome an addiction. You already know what happens when you check into a rehab center. That was difficult, so give yourself some more time before deciding to check yourself out. Many people who have gone through the self check in rehab process do have rehab walk away thoughts. Don’t let these get into your head for long. It probably took a lot to convince yourself to check into rehab and to take that leap. Don’t give it up just yet.

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