Fake Alcohol, Real Problems

Tequila alcohol cups barIf alcohol and drug abuse wasn’t bad enough, it turns out that other things and activities can also be dangerous. At least that’s what some travelers allegedly discovered on recent vacations.

The travelers apparently ingested illegally produced alcohol while visiting certain resorts in Mexico. According to the travelers, some blacked out after only one or two drinks, not the amount that would normally cause someone to pass out or black out without any recollection of what happened next.

Some of these travelers reported broken limbs and others reported being sexually assaulted while they were passed out and vulnerable. One twenty-year-old woman died after people found her unconscious in a resort swimming pool, allegedly because of the illegal alcohol she consumed. Her twenty-two-year-old brother also lost consciousness and suffered a severe concussion, but he survived.

Illegal alcohol is apparently a problem in Mexico and other places. A 2015 report stated that 43 percent of the alcohol that people consume in Mexico is illegal. This is not to say that alcohol in the United States is 100% safe, but government oversight does work to safeguard the quality of alcohol in the country.

Of course, the composition of alcohol or any other substance is one thing. Using that substance is another. Even if alcohol is “safe,” using it might not be. People might drink too much alcohol or consume it on empty stomachs, which could prevent their bodies from processing it fully.

Drinking alcohol instead of eating food also deprives the body of much-needed nutrients. Drinking too much can starve our bodies and our brains. It can age us before our times, if we’re lucky enough to even age. After all, alcohol abuse can kill.

But it doesn’t have to go that far. As we’ve said before and will say again, alcoholism is a real problem, but a real problem with real solutions. Rehab facilities can help people detox from alcohol abuse safely and more comfortably.