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Why Do Men Drink? The Root of Alcohol Abuse for Men

Do you know that alcohol abuse is different for men and women? In fact, studies show that males are more likely to fall into alcoholism than females. Knowing this, it only makes sense that alcohol treatment should also be different for men. Rehab for men at Willow Springs Recovery can help.

Men face different struggles than women do when it comes to alcohol addiction. In fact, studies show that males are at a higher risk for developing an addiction to alcohol, whereas women may develop an addiction faster than men. Men and women may also face different social pressures when they are out drinking. For men, being able to consume more alcohol, like binge drinking or heavy drinking, sometimes has a connotation of being masculine. Men may feel more pressure than women to drink in social settings in order to feel masculine among their peers. The social dynamics that drive men to drink can be complicated, but are an important part of the treatment offered in rehab for men.

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Studies show that 23 percent of men have admitted to binge drinking at least five times per month. Men have a higher rate of being hospitalized for alcohol consumption than women. This could be because of the different peer pressures that men face when drinking. Women are hit by the effects of alcohol much faster than men, which makes it more difficult for women to consume as much as men.

Younger males are often susceptible to alcohol abuse and addiction during college or even before college. College drinking is responsible for deaths, physical violence, and sexual assaults that may not have otherwise occurred if alcohol was not involved. Other consequences may include suicides, suicide attempts, and academic problems.

Men in general have more alcohol-related deaths and drunk driving car accidents than women. College students are at a higher rate for binge drinking and for driving under the influence than non-college students. For some, college offers a freedom that home life did not, which can lead to spiraling into a world of alcohol abuse and binge drinking.

While binge drinking can have a negative effect on a person’s health, it does not necessarily lead to alcohol addiction. If you suspect your husband, brother, friend, or coworker has a drinking problem, you may want to keep an eye out for other signs in addition to any binge drinking you may have noticed. In rehab for men, you or your loved one can explore how alcohol has effected them, and just how you can put a stop to it.

How Does Alcohol Affect Men, and How Can Rehab for Men Help?

If you think your loved one may be in danger of addiction, or you think an addiction has already developed, finding the right rehab for men is key to recovery. A good alcohol addiction treatment center will acknowledge the differences between men and women when it comes to addiction. Being able to address these differences allows us to offer men the proper care they need in order to ensure a successful recovery. Success in recovery also means finding a treatment facility that offers aftercare options and one-on-one therapy sessions with each patient.

Is Willow Springs Recovery a Rehab for Men Only?

Men and women handle both addiction and treatment for addiction differently and finding an addiction treatment facility that is aware of those differences is important. While Willow Springs does not offer male-specific rehab programs, it understands exactly what men and women need specifically, and offers separate living areas for men and women during their stay. Willow Springs wants to give its clients the opportunity to focus on recovery as much as possible and finds that keeping separate living spaces for men and women to be beneficial in the recovery process.

Willow Springs offers many activities that help keep men focused on their recovery from addiction without any distractions. Willow Springs makes an effort to keep males and females separated during the recovery process. This means that male-only therapy sessions are available and even pool hours for men and women are kept separate. This attempts to ensure the greatest rate of success for Willow Springs Recovery clients. With a personalized treatment program, Willow Springs can be the rehab for men you need for your recovery.

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