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Alcohol Rehab Might Save Your Teen’s Life

No parent ever wants to hear a tragic story, especially a story about a teenager who died from his or her excessive abuse of alcohol. But it happens every day, and the more parents know, the better chance they will have to save their own children from succumbing to alcoholism.

Do you know any 17-year-olds who regularly party with their friends on the weekend? They might play drinking games for hours until they pass out. Occasionally, some of those teenagers might attempts to drive themselves home.

That is a scary prospect to consider, yet it happens often. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 4,300 people die each year from alcohol-related crashes. In the CDC’s 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 10 percent of teenagers reported driving under the influence. Around 22 percent of teenagers reported driving with a friend who had been drinking alcohol.

Teen alcohol abuse can seriously affect your child’s future, but the sooner you contact Willow Springs, the best teen alcohol rehab in Texas, the sooner we can help your child recover.

Recognizing the Signs of Teen Alcohol Abuse

Research confirms that teens raised with a no-drinking policy are less likely to drink. However, teens are known to experiment, and still might drink. As your child grows into a teenager, he or she might be tempted to drink because his or her peers are drinking. Your teen’s drinking might lead him or her down a tough path. There are warning signs you or your loved ones could use to try to prevent this from happening. Your teen might

  • become irritable, moody, and defensive.
  • have a poor attendance record at school, and his or her grades slip
  • have difficulty concentrating or remembering things well
  • have low energy and slurred speech.
  • alienate his or her old group of friends

We know it is hard as a parent to monitor teenagers’ behavior twenty-four hours a day, but signs that your teenager is addicted to or is abusing alcohol might be obvious. If you are ready to find help for your teenager, contact Willow Springs, a alcohol rehab facility. We can help you put a teen alcohol recovery strategy in place to help your loved one recover from this disease.

Making the Tough Choice: Intervention

If you find your teen is abusing alcohol, you may need to intervene. According to the American Psychological Association, your intervention might stop your teen from becoming an alcoholic in the future. Confronting your teen with their alcohol abuse might not be easy, but the benefits outweigh the initial challenges you might face.

There are two types of interventions to consider:

  • A formal intervention, where you have a planned and strategic dialogue with your teen. It might be the best choice if your teen has refused help on previous occasions.
  • An informal intervention is a personal conversation with your teen. You might choose this option if you have never talked with your teen about his or her alcohol use.

If your teen is abusing alcohol, an intervention might be your only chance to get their attention. While you might be afraid, know that many other parents have been in similar circumstances. We are familiar with this process at Willow Springs, and we can help you every step of the way. Beyond intervention, we are here to support your teen’s alcohol treatment and rehabilitation.

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Side Effects of Teen Alcohol Abuse

  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach
  • Headaches
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Distorted vision and hearing

Benefits of Teen Alcohol Rehabs

A teenager might not believe his or her alcohol abuse is a problem, or could be adept at hiding addictive behaviors from your family. A specialized inpatient rehabilitation facility, where a variety of programs are offered, is ideal for a young person in denial. This type of treatment facility might provide:

  • Exposure to peers who believe there is a better way to act, think and believe.
  • A disciplined routine complete with education, group counseling, and recreation.
  • Consistent interaction with parents.
  • Academic tutoring.
  • Experienced staff that understand teenage behavior.
  • Continued care once your teenager returns to daily life.

Willow Springs Is Dedicated to Your Teen

Searching for a teen alcohol rehab center can be exhausting for some parents. Give yourself a break by calling Willow Springs to help find the teen alcohol rehab in Texas. We can help you find which alcohol rehab center for your teenager is best suited for while maintaining their studies, and perhaps extracurricular activities. We can help teenagers regain control of their lives, allow them to enjoy being young, and help them build alcohol-free lives.