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Members of the LGBT community are at higher risk for substance abuse. The reasons vary, but most LGBT people are affected by stigmas, stereotypes, and discrimination every single day.

LGBT youth in particular are 190 percent more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, according to a 2008 study by Michael P. Marshal, a researcher at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

If you or your loved one identify as LGBT and suffer from substance abuse, you are not alone. It is difficult for researchers to conduct accurate studies because many LGBT people live in secret, but the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration determined the rate of drug and alcohol use in the LGBT community to be 20 percent to 30 percent, which is significantly higher than the general population at 9 percent.

Do you or your loved one believe you need help from a gay alcohol rehab center? At Willow Springs, we provide specialized treatment in a safe environment where being LGBT is understood.

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What Are LGBT Alcohol Treatment Centers?

Gay alcohol rehab centers are specifically designed to focus on the challenges of alcohol abuseand addiction faced by many in the LGBT community. A gay alcohol rehab welcomes people in the LGBT community like you or your loved one who want to quit alcohol for good alongside potential friends. Policies and procedures are in place at gay alcohol rehab to ensure everyone is free of judgment, bullying, and homophobia.

While in LGBT alcohol treatment, you or your loved one will learn the necessities on how to cope with society as a member of the LGBT community. The counselors are skilled in dealing with intricacies, emotions, and the trauma that many members of the LGBT often feel. You or your loved one will learn to handle your emotions in a positive way that will help you stay off the bottle upon leaving gay alcohol rehab.

Gay Alcohol Rehab: Things to Consider

Gay alcohol rehab centers are more common, so it’s important to find the one that is best suited for you or your loved one rather than the closest one to home. If you don’t attend the right gay alcohol rehab, you have the potential to relapse or exit treatment early. Traveling can also be seen as a metaphoric journey to recovery. Many people find solace in using relocation. It is symbolic, in a way, when people leave everything behind to start anew.

Besides location, there are many other factors to consider when picking where you or your loved one receives LGBT alcohol treatment.

  • Many gay alcohol rehabs will advertise they have a 99 percent success rate. This is near impossible. Unless they’re counting how many people went through the entire treatment without taking drugs, that is. Studies confirm not everyone achieves lifelong sobriety.
  • Finding gay alcohol rehab that offers an aftercare program is the best way to stay sober once you or your loved completes treatment. For example, you or your loved one might benefit from Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Does the staff know how to work with the LGBT community? Members of the LGBT community have special and specific needs that are only treatable by someone experienced in treating the LGBT community. At LGBT alcohol treatment, you’re likely to find help from professionals who have had some sort of LGBT sensitivity training.
  • Does the gay alcohol rehab center deal solely with the LGBT community? It is important to feel comfortable. Otherwise, you or your loved one might be distracted from what is important – recovery.

Finding the LGBT Alcohol Treatment You Need

Finding the right addiction treatment for substance abuse is difficult for the majority of the population. Finding gay alcohol rehab is even tougher. Quitting alcohol isn’t easy. But your brave decision will be rewarded the most by attending a rehab, such as Willow Springs, that fits your interests and lifestyle.

We can make the accommodations necessary for someone looking for gay alcohol rehab. We are an inclusive center that welcomes every one of every lifestyle. We also provide the necessary conditions you might require as a part of the LGBT community.

If you or your loved one is worried about paying for gay alcohol rehab, do not be. Many insurance companies will fund most, if not all your gay alcohol rehab care. They’re required to provide as much funding as they can within their guidelines according to the law. It is also in their best interest to fund alcohol rehab centers throughout the state of Texas. Paying for gay alcohol rehab now will be probably cheaper than paying for years of medical bills resulting from years of drinking. Call Willow Springs today and find out how much your insurance will cover. This is a chance for you to find LGBT-friendly recovery today.

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