Giving the Gift of Marijuana

This blog recently discussed how some companies are selling cannabis-related products. It turns out that other businesses are selling marijuana, sometimes in creative ways.

Marijuana is legal for medical purposes in several U.S. states and legal for recreational use in other U.S. states. But, this doesn’t mean that people can walk into any store and buy marijuana legally, even in those U.S. states.

If people want to buy medical marijuana, they have to have special state-issued cards that signify that they are legally permitted to do so. They can buy the medical form of the drug in buildings known as dispensaries or grow marijuana themselves.

If people want to use marijuana for recreational purposes, again, they can’t walk into local supermarkets or drug stores. In some U.S. states, they can buy it from special dispensaries. Other states allow people to grow their own marijuana plants.

Other people are looking for more creative ways to distribute marijuana and make money. Some are giving the gift of marijuana.

Some businesses are selling other products and adding marijuana as part of the gift package. When people buy cookies, coffee, or rolling papers from some companies, they list strains of marijuana that they want to receive as part of their orders.

Technically, people are ordering and buying cookies, coffee, or rolling papers from these businesses. They’re not buying marijuana because the companies claim that marijuana is a free gift included with their purchases, not part of their purchases themselves.

Marijuana is legal both for medical and recreational purposes in California, for example, and adults can give up to an ounce of marijuana as a gift. There are restrictions, of course. The recipients have to be at least twenty-one years old and the gift givers can’t ship the marijuana or transport it across state lines. Users can’t use the marijuana everywhere, either, as laws may ban marijuana use in public. Private rules may ban it in other settings, such as workplaces and schools.

In theory, legalizing marijuana may make it seem as if marijuana will be more available. People are looking for additional ways to make it more available and accessible.