Weekends and Substance Use Disorder

“Working for the Weekend” was a popular song and music video for the band Loverboy back in the early 1980s. Yes, I’m old enough to remember both the song AND music videos. Yes, I’ve gone on rants where I complain that MTV was way better back in the days where they actually played music videos. I’m that person.

But my sure and steady descent into crabby old lady-ness is not the real topic of this post. No, the real topic is the weekend. More specifically, how we spend our weekends.

Using alcohol and drugs is an important part of many people’s weekends. This use can make it hard to for people to realize if they have a problem with such substances.

“I just take drink on the weekends,” they might say. Or they might state that they “only use drugs at parties.”

This kind of justification can be dangerous. Sure, people might only drink during weekends, but how much do they drink every weekend? Do they drink so much that they are regularly experiencing blackouts? Do they have to spend every Sunday recovering from what they drank or took on Friday and Saturday? If they are experiencing those kinds of repercussions, they definitely have problems.

As for drugs, most drugs are illegal. Using them can create legal problems as well as physical ones. Even using one drug one time at a party can cause a person to overdose or spend time in jail.

This all might sound alarming, but it’s all true. If your weekends involve problems due to drugs and alcohol, though, you can find help. Professionals in Texas can help you end your substance use disorder and help find you drug-free ways to spend your weekends. Like signing my petition asking MTV to play more music videos.

Are alcohol and drugs ruining your life?

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