What Happens When Teens Use Drugs and Alcohol to Celebrate Graduations?

Today marks the first day of June. During this month, many people graduate from school and celebrate the next stage in their lives. Many others also get married in this month, so many that the phrase June bride is a fairly common term.

June, then, is a time of life transitions, of change and happiness and celebrations to mark these transitions and changes. Of course, we all know the outcomes of these celebrations aren’t always so happy.

It seems that more and more schools are encouraging safer alternatives to alcohol as a way to celebrate. Many high schools in the United States are offering all-night or most-of-the-night parties at the schools themselves. These schools monitor students’ celebrations and offer them fun ways to celebrate that don’t involve the alcohol or drugs some teens might choose in their own celebrations.

Some organizations are providing visual proof what could happen if students choose such alcohol- or drug-fueled celebrations. These organizations place vehicles wrecked in alcohol- or drug-related accidents on school campuses. For young people who believe that they are invincible and that nothing bad could ever happen to them, these vehicles are startling visual examples that they are wrong.

Even though I’m someone who graduated a long time ago, these vehicles still scare me. I thought I’d be jaded by my age and experience, but seeing these vehicles is a sad jolt of reality. I can’t imagine how jolting they must be to people who may have never considered that such bad things can happen.

But maybe such jolts are good. Sometimes we need to see things before we believe them. Young people might think that using alcohol and drugs at parties are the fun way to celebrate, something that’s harmless and can’t cause them any repercussions. A twisted, mangled lump of metal that was once a car might give them second thoughts.

Are alcohol and drugs ruining your life?

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