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Rehab for Women: What You Need to Know

Until the early 1990s, most research on substance abuse and dependence focused on men. That all changed once women began to demand more inclusive treatments, programs, and research.

Being a woman struggling with addiction means you’ll face different kinds of social judgment than male addicts, especially when it comes to drug abuse. However, no matter what you’re dealing with, you can get the help you need at a rehab for women.

Drug rehab for women is different from traditional rehab. You will be surrounded by a variety of women, rather than the machismo and male culture of a traditional rehab. Women might benefit from a drug rehab for women, where medical professionals appreciate the gender differences and approach treatment in a way that benefits women specifically.

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Why Do Women Need Drug Rehab for Women?

Women are the fastest-growing segment of substance abusers in the United States. About 2.7 million American women abuse alcohol or drugs, or one-quarter of all abusers, according to the federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.

A woman’s drug experience is significantly different than a man’s. It can be attributed to the way a woman’s body processes the drug, or the environmental factors that trigger a woman’s drug abuse, or both. Although men are more likely than women to become addicts, women face more difficult challenges.

Research shows that women progress more quickly from using an addictive substance to dependence. They also develop medical or social consequences of addiction faster than men. It is tougher for women to quit drug or alcohol abuse, and they are more susceptible to relapse. All of these factors are addressed in drug rehab for women. The mortality rate for chemically dependent women is 50 to 100 times higher than men, so effective treatment is critical.

Reasons Women Gravitate Toward Female-Only Rehab

  • Anxiety – This is common among women in recovery. Eating disorders and generalized anxiety lead to drug abuse.
  • A sense of community and understanding
  • Trust, compassion, and honesty
  • Social interactions – Breakups, harassment, death of a friend, or constant sexism at work or home. All of these are reasons women might turn to substance abuse. Being numb is better than dealing with the cruelty.
  • Open and honest talks about women’s issues and experiences
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Childhood trauma – Women who were victims of abuse are much more likely to abuse drugs. Childhood sexual trauma or bullying can lead to substance abuse in adulthood.

Why Women Choose Not to Receive Treatment

  • They are afraid of losing, or being separated from, their families
  • They view their substance use as a social activity or habit, rather than an addiction that is disrupting their lives
  • They believe that their substance abuse is the outcome of anxiety or depression, treating the mental health issue while ignoring the addiction
  • They are afraid or embarrassed to admit they are struggling with addiction, and hide their drug or alcohol use from family and friends
  • Find the Treatment Program That Works For You in Rehab for Women

    It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when getting ready to go to treatment. There are plenty of unknowns and lots of factors to consider, but at Willow Springs, our job is to make your stay at rehab as comfortable as it is rewarding. For this reason, we customize our treatment plans for each individual patient. What this means is that your individual needs and wants will be catered to in a way that allows your treatment to fit you, giving you a much better and more tangible chance at lifelong sobriety. Some of the treatments we offer include:

    With rehab for women at Willow Springs, your treatment will be as unique as you are. We strive to not only offer care and comfort, but an understanding environment designed around your needs. When you find the treatment program that meets your needs best, recovering from drug or alcohol addiction will be that much easier.

    How Do You Pay for Drug Rehab for Women?

    Are you worried about how you will afford drug rehab for women in Texas? We work with most insurance companies, which cover most, if not all, of our treatment programs for women. The quickest way to find out what your cost will be is to call us. Our goal is to help you rebuild your self-esteem and empower you with the support and self-confidence you need to achieve long-term recovery.

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