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Gay Drug Rehab: Addiction Treatment for the LGBT Community

Research shows that members of the LGBT community are at a much higher risk for substance abuse and addiction.

Tobacco, alcohol, and drugs are used as a coping mechanism to handle stress that originates from daily battles with discrimination and stigma.

These are issues LGBT community members do not need to deal with during substance abuse treatment and recovery. At Willow Springs, we offer a gay drug rehab program that makes your comfort and privacy a priority.

Our inpatient program can help you overcome your addiction while also allowing you to cultivate new ways to cope with the unique struggles you face on a day-to-day basis.

While there are plenty of LGBT-friendly rehabilitation centers, the inclusive policies the facility may or may not have mean nothing if the knowledge and the compassion of the staff is lacking.

And what about transgender individuals? How do they find help when many inpatient rehab centers are segregated by gender?

For a transgender individual, this might feel like an unsafe, alienating space.

Our medical staff is culturally competent – we do our best to remove barriers and increase the level of service for the transgender community by offering integrated treatment services and staff ready to help in any way possible.

At Willow Springs, we can help LGBT people cope without numbing their pain by abusing drugs in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

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What to Expect in Gay Drug Rehab

Gay drug rehab centers offer therapy and treatment programs managed by medical professionals who know how to resolve issues unique to the LGBT community.

While you or your loved one is in our gay drug rehab program, you will undergo the same drug detox process that you would in a traditional rehab facility. After detox our therapies for LGBT members will cover the following:

  • Acceptance of sexual orientation
  • Relationships with friends and family
  • Job and community discrimination
  • Why so many in the LGBT community succumb to addiction
  • And much more.

Willow Springs is LGBT-Friendly

Best practices and ongoing research suggests a multitude of ways to build a stable rehabilitation community where members of the LGBT community can pursue goals and prevent a return to drugs or alcohol.

You and your loved one are encouraged to ask questions when you call us to seek help. At Willow Springs, we look at every patient as a unique individual who needs a treatment plan that caters to their personal needs.

We build our programs from scratch to match each patient individually, which helps solidify a more stable and successful recovery.

LGBT Addiction Statistics

There are several studies conducted by both government and university professionals proving a need for gay drug rehab and addiction treatment in the LGBT community.

  • The rate of substance abuse disorders among LGBT members is higher than heterosexual, studies indicate it might be 15.1 percent, which is significantly higher than the general population at 7.8 percent, reports the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received a total of 1.412 charges of discrimination related to sexual orientation and gender identity in 2015 alone.
  • 82 percent of LGBT youth were victims of bullying in 2014 because of their sexual orientation.
  • LGBT youth are three times more likely than their heterosexual peers to become addicted to drugs.
  • LGBT youth are almost 4 times more likely to attempt suicide than non LGBT community members.

Treatment Plans

Our staff offers treatment plans that are completely designed for your substance abuse history.

Detox Program

Removing toxins from prolonged substance abuse is key to successful recovery, and you can receive it while you’re here.

Accept Most Insurances

The cost of going to rehab and getting the treatment you need can easily be handled by your insurance provider.

Choose Willow Springs as Your Gay Drug Rehab Option

We understand the unique challenges faced by the LGBT community and how this can lead to drug abuse.

There are not many all-LGBT rehabilitation programs available, but that does not mean you or your loved one should give up on finding suitable and affordable treatment for your drug addiction.

Willow Springs Recovery offers a safe and welcoming environment that will focus on your addiction and not your sexual orientation, although we recognize how these two can play a role together.

Our counselors will work individually with you or your loved one to move past the problems that lead to drug use. You’ll learn how to cope with your emotions, thoughts, and the criticism that so many LGBT members deal with.

When you call Willow Springs we will quickly verify your insurance and set up a date to get you into treatment immediately.

Don’t wait to reclaim your life from addiction. Health, happiness, and the life you deserve are only a phone call away.

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