Many drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities have adopted a holistic approach toward treating patients. A healthy lifestyle an important component in recovery. One practice in healthy living can be aromatherapy with healing natural oils.

Take a look at the following list of the top 5 oils that we recommend for your aromatherapy:


This healing antibacterial and antiviral natural oil is a favorite among many users. This oil helps in healing stings and bites more quickly. According to research, the use of lavender essential oil can help in addressing anxiety in women. Adding lavender essential oils to warm bath water can help reduce the anxiety level. Simply add 1/4 cup of dried lavender flowers or six drops of lavender oil extract to warm bath water to feel the effect.

Roman Chamomile

Its calming aroma helps someone relax once inhaled. It has various benefits because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. People believe it can treat vomiting, nausea, sore throat, indigestion, eczema, sinusitis, swollen gums and nipples, wounds, and menstrual-related pain. However, a report pointed out that these need to be validated first. This is because there is no sufficient evidence for the claims. However, it cannot hurt to try this oil.


This is one of the healing natural oils for feeling calm, clear and content. According to a study, sage can help you feel uplifted, thus, making your mood better. It was noted in research results that this oil can be considered as part of a holistic approach towards recovery from mental conditions, particularly from anxiety and depression.


Vetiver oil is effective in relaxing your mind. Based on the results of a study in 2015, vetiver oil has an effect similar to what the drug diazepam does to a patient with anxiety. This drug helps treat alcohol withdrawal and anxiety.


The essential oil from this fruit can be a helpful inclusion in your recovery stash. Bergamot, which is said to be a cross between a lemon and bitter orange, has potent ingredients that can improve your mood. It can also address the mild symptoms related to stress-related disorders.

How to Use These Oils

While you are already aware of the benefits you can get from healing natural oils as part of the drug and alcohol addiction holistic treatment, it is crucial as well that you know how these essential oils must be used:


This method is self-explanatory. All you would need to do is carefully apply a small amount of oil to the skin.


If you want to feel better from congestion or improve your mood, inhalation is the best form to take the appropriate healing natural oils. For example, you can inhale eucalyptus healing natural oil through a vaporizer to relieve your clogged nose.

A diffuser or dry evaporation is often the best way to administer inhalation. A diffuser uses a device to diffuse the aroma of the oils. Dry evaporation is putting a few drops of the oils on several sheets of tissue paper or pieces of cotton balls.

The other two methods used for inhalation are through steaming and spraying. Steaming is putting a few drops of the healing natural oils in a bowl of water (steaming). Steaming should not be done to children younger than seven. The steam may hurt their eyes. Spraying is dropping your favorite essential oil into a bottle of water which has a nozzle attached to it. The solution can be sprayed all over the room to make it more relaxing.


If you think you need to absorb the healing effects of the oils more efficiently, you can apply some topically and inhale them at the same time.

Should you have doubts about the adoption of the right method in using the healing natural oils, you can always ask a rehab center that offers holistic treatment. A certified aromatherapist can help you in clarifying your doubts.


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