8 Physical Benefits of Sobriety

8 Physical Benefits of Sobriety

Getting sober can help you in many ways.  It’s well known that drinking alcohol over time can take a toll on anyone.  It can affect mental and physical health, causing things like cirrhosis of the liver, accidents, cardiovascular issues, and other health issues. While many people associate drinking with positive experiences, the reality is that alcohol is a toxic poison that can bring the physical body down.

However, for those who are intent on stopping drinking, there’s real hope that the physical body can improve in health once it detoxes the toxins from the body.  The following are 8 physical benefits you can experience when you stop drinking.

  1. Better Sleep

Some people drink because they say it helps them fall asleep.  The problem with this type of thinking is that it’s easy to become dependent on alcohol to fall asleep, but more often than not, the sleep is not very good. You wake up on and off all night and then fell groggy in the morning. When you stop drinking, you’ll get to the point where you won’t need alcohol to fall asleep and your rest will be better.  You may also find yourself getting to bed at the same, reasonable time each night, rather than partying till the wee hours in the morning. When your body gets used to having no alcohol in it, it is more apt to get back into its natural circadian rhythm, which will help you sleep well.

  1. You’ll Have More Energy

Quitting drinking allows the poisonous toxins of alcohol to leave your body.  This cleansing will certainly help you feel more energetic. Couple this with a more nutritious diet and you’ll feel much more energetic and have more clarity.  Because alcohol is a depressive substance, when you drink, you end up feeling mentally or emotionally low.  That’s the nature of a depressant, so when you abstain from drinking, your mental and emotional state get back to normal and that will feel amazing.

  1. You’ll Look Better

Alcohol will dehydrate the body, so when you give it up, you’ll physically look better.  Particularly, your skin will look better, as it will be more hydrated.  Perhaps you’ve seen someone who drinks heavily, and you noticed how many wrinkles they had. Or, they just looked old and worn.  This could be due to the nature of alcohol causing inflammation, wrinkles, and perhaps discoloring of their skin. When you quit drinking alcohol and couple that with drinking plenty of filtered water, you’ll not only feel better, but your skin will look better and more vibrant.

  1. You’ll Have More Clarity

Your mental health matters.  Moderate to heavy drinkers’ report feeling cloudy mentally at times.  The booze ends up causing things like anxiety, confusion, depression, and more.  Take away the booze and your mental health gets a boost within a very short time. You’ll have more clarity and be able to feel so much better about decisions you make. You won’t always be scared to make decisions, because you’ll have more confidence. Booze ends up stealing people’s confidence and many alcoholics walk around in a cloud, not feeling like they’re really living in reality.  Quitting drinking is a sure way to experience better mental health and have more clarity.

  1. You Won’t Have Anymore Hangovers

Hangovers are horrible.  You wake up with a huge headache, cotton mouth, and ask yourself the all too familiar question: “Why did I drink so much last night?”  But when you give up drinking, you give up the hangovers, and this can be pretty sweet!  You may not realize that a hangover was actually your body letting you know it was dehydrated and sick with toxins. When you quit drinking, you get to wake up feeling good. You get to wake up feeling rested and able to take on the day with a positive attitude.

  1. Your Liver Heals

Alcohol takes a toll on the liver, as it is the livers job to process and flush the toxins that come in the body. But the liver doesn’t like to deal with all the toxins that come in the form of alcohol. It’s actually poison hitting the liver and the liver has to work extra hard to try to process, break down, and flush those toxins. This puts tremendous strain on it, which can end up with it breaking down and experiencing health issues.  But when you stop drinking, your liver begins to heal itself almost immediately. It won’t have to work so hard at combatting the toxins from alcohol and can go on to perform its role as designed.  This will certainly help you to feel better too!

  1. Your Diet May Improve

Ex-drinkers tend to reach for healthier foods, which can help your physical health to improve. If you’ve ever had a good bit of alcohol to drink and then found yourself at McDonald’s at midnight binge-eating burgers and fries, then you get how booze can cause you to make poor food choices.  Clean up your alcohol intake and you’re more apt to clean up your food intake.

  1. You May Become More Fit

Many drinkers skip the fitness routine and opt to spend their free time engaging in drinking.  But many people who give up drinking start getting into exercise regularly, partly to fill in their free time gap and party because the feeling of giving up alcohol just makes you want to practice self-care in other areas as well.  When you quit drinking, your body will become more alive and vibrant, and this may prompt you to want to take more walks, go to the gym, bike ride, or do whatever kind of physical activity you enjoy.

Are You Ready To Quit Drinking?

There are numerous other benefits to quitting drinking so are you ready?  Is it time to address your alcohol intake and get serious about cutting down or quitting?  There’s no time like now to make positive choices for your life and abstaining from alcohol is one choice you won’t regret.  If you need help, reach out, as there are professional ready and willing to assist you in stopping drinking.