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What to Expect From Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse treatment can come in many different forms. For many, the first step of becoming sober is having the courage to accept substance abuse help. Often times people avoid seeking treatment for a variety of reasons, typically the addiction will keep the addict convinced that they do not need help. Only when someone becomes sober they can truly comprehend the destruction that their substance abuse problem has caused.

Going to drug or alcohol rehab can be a scary moment for someone who is going for their first time. The fear of not knowing what to expect from substance abuse treatment keeps many people away from substance abuse treatment centers. There is a standard process that most substance abuse treatment facilities follow. The treatment process can generally be broken down into 4 major steps: pre-assessment, detoxification, substance abuse treatment and aftercare.

Substance Abuse Treatment: Trust the Process


The first thing to expect when going to rehab is the pre-assessment. This is when you meet with an addiction counselor, and usually a nurse or psych doctor as well. It is important to be completely honest with your substance abuse treatment team as the information you provide is used to guide your individual treatment plan. During the pre-assessment you will be assessed for the severity of your drug use, what drugs you use, and if there are any underlying mental disorders that the patient may not be aware of, like depression or anxiety for example. The information will be evaluated to determine your detox and treatment plan.


The detox process when not administered by medical professionals can be extremely difficult to get through. In fact, withdrawal symptoms and physical dependence from detoxing as a main reason why they fail to stay sober. Substance abuse withdrawal and detox can be potentially life threatening depending on the type of drug or alcohol you take, and how severe your substance abuse was. When a doctor has your blood work and your inside information on your drug use they can plan a medical detox that will keep you comfortable and safe. The treatment portion of your rehab visit will begin when you are medically cleared from detox. This is because during detox you are more than likely sick, agitated, and not paying attention to what people are saying. When you are clear minded and feeling better you will be able to participate in your addiction treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment

At Willow Springs patients have an option of choosing the type of substance abuse treatment they want to incorporate during rehab. Treatment options can include a faith-based approach, the 12 step method, SMART Recovery or other non traditional substance abuse treatment. There are standard substance abuse treatments that are proven to work such as; cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, individual counseling sessions, working with a psychologists for any dual diagnosis clients, and even going to the gym for physical fitness. Treatment for substance abuse typically lasts for 30 days, you will have the chance to learn strategies for coping with your past trauma, and how to deal with emotions that can lead people to substance abuse such as; stress, depression, anxiety and anger. You will also have the chance to meet other people in your shoes, which helps many addicts with accepting their addiction. These are just some recovery tools offered that can keep you sober for a lifetime if you truly desire a new way of life.


Aftercare is a vital part of the recovery process. Some substance abuse treatment programs do not care about patients enough to follow through with aftercare. We believe in seeing our patients through the whole process. We put our patients in the best position to stay sober by offering them local resources to help them in their recovery process. Substance abuse support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meet regularly so people who are in recovery can discuss life and what is working for them. Support group meetings can also be held in churches where people use their faith to discuss their substance abuse recovery. Other options for aftercare are setting clients up with a counselor or psych doctor to meet with after they leave. Most importantly there is typically an outpatient substance abuse program that addicts can attend after rehab. These programs are ran by substance abuse counselors and meet daily but the patients are able to go home at night. Outpatient substance abuse programs help addicts transition into being productive members of society.



Individualized Treatment Plans

Our staff offers treatment plans that are completely designed for your substance abuse history.

On-Site Detox Program

Removing toxins from prolonged substance abuse is key to successful recovery, and you can receive it while you’re here.

Accept Most Insurances

The cost of going to rehab and getting the treatment you need can easily be handled by your insurance provider.

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Substance Abuse Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

The National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services reports that 45 percent of Americans seeking substance abuse treatment have been diagnosed as having a co-occurring mental illness and drug or alcohol problem.

At Willow Springs, we understand the best way to combat a co-occurring disorder is by using an integrated treatment approach. When both conditions are addressed at the same time with intensive therapy, you or your loved one have a greater chance of making a full recovery.

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

  • Reduced substance use
  • Improved psychiatric symptoms and functioning
  • Decreased hospitalization
  • Increased housing stability
  • Fewer arrests
  • Improved quality of life

Choose Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

A safe and structured environment is an important aspect of drug or alcohol recovery. Addicts seeking recovery need the chance to devote time and attention to learning new coping skills and building a strong sense of self-worth. One of the primary benefits of inpatient substance abuse treatment is to have that time away from the addictive substance. Therapy is provided on a daily basis as are support groups, which encourage people to share advice and foster trust.

Detoxification and withdrawal are more comfortable under 24-hour supervision. Because withdrawal symptoms are a main reason addicts struggle to stay sober, being in an inpatient facility removes all chances of a relapse for as long as they stay in treatment. Building that month or more of clean time can be a great building block for a lifetime of sobriety. Medications might be prescribed to relieve symptoms of mental illness or reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol. At Willow Springs, everything you or your loved one needs, such as recovery resources and an experienced staff, are available in a single setting where you or your loved one can focus exclusively on your rehabilitation. Inpatient substance abuse help can be a life changing experience for those who desire a new way of life.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Sure, outpatient programs allow you or your loved one to maintain work, school, and home obligations.  Someone with a dual diagnosis, for example, is less motivated and compliant when it comes to following rules such as keeping counseling appointments or attending group meetings. Outpatient programs are geared toward people who are cognizant of the fact that they have a substance abuse problem and want to change. Many times, people with drug or alcohol dependencies have trouble with denial and need specialized attention and encouragement without distractions or temptations.

Start Substance Abuse Treatment Today

Remembering who you were prior to your drug or alcohol addiction might produce mixed emotions. Maybe you enjoyed your life before you started abusing drugs or alcohol, but you are afraid to return to old habits that triggered your addiction in the first place.

It’s okay to be scared of changing, this is common for many people seeking sobriety. Take the first step toward recovery by calling us. We are here to help you the rest of the way. At Willow Springs, our substance abuse treatment program can help you regain your sense of self and help you get back to being who you really are.