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Highly-Effective Heroin Addiction Treatment Center In Texas

Heroin addiction is no joke. In fact, it’s been called an epidemic by many experts, ravishing major cities to small rural communities. From 2000 to 2015 heroin induced deaths have quadrupled.  To overcome heroin addiction, a person generally requires therapy, treatment, medication, a dedicated lifestyle change, and a strong support group. Heroin rehab centers can help relieve the psychological and physical grips that heroin addiction has on the user. Heroin addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to beat, it’s important to get the best help and support in order to get over your heroin addiction and move on with your life.

Though beating heroin addiction might sound too difficult, it can actually be a relatively fluid process if the right treatment is put in place. It’s essential to find accessible and effective treatment from a facility that can give you the time and attention you need to recover. There are heroin addiction treatment centers all around the country, but just because they’re available to help doesn’t mean they’re they best option for you. Some rehab facilities focus on a certain type of addiction while others might be tailored to a specific demographic of addicts. Not every rehab facility is the right fit for every person, so it’s important to do research into what facility best fits your needs. This may sound simple but it can be quite difficult when suffering from an addiction, for many they just want help no matter where it comes from.

The Heroin Addiction Treatment Process: Detox

Heroin detox can be quite terrifying for many. Just going a day or even a few hours is too long to comprehend for many heroin addicts. Heroin withdrawal is difficult to endure and often times is the main cause why people can’t stay clean. Here are some of the signs of heroin withdrawal:

  • Muscle aches
  • Insomnia
  • Agitation
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Pain

The heroin addiction treatment will start by detoxing a person off of heroin and any other drugs they might have used. This can consist of a straight detox or a detox where someone is weened off a drug using medications such as Buprenorphine, Methadone, or Suboxone. Willow Springs Recovery understands that heroin withdrawal symptoms for some can be too painful or uncomfortable, for this reason we offer a medical detox with 24/7 care and supervision by our medical staff. Our medical team has extensive experience with heroin detox patients and works with each patient individually to produce the best outcome possible, which is a safe and comfortable detox from heroin. Once the withdrawal symptoms pass and your detox is complete, the desire to use becomes strictly mental, and that is where our addiction treatment and therapy come into play.

Choosing The Right Heroin Rehab Center Matters

After detox, your rehabilitation begins. Heroin adddiction treatment centers consists of a 30 to 90 day plan and offers flexible treatment options for their patients. Most of these programs contain weekly meetings with a therapist to discuss personal issues that may have led the patient to using drugs in the first place. The goal of therapy at heroin rehab is to help patients move forward from their pasts trauma and gain closure so they can move on with their lives while staying sober. Programs like Willow Springs Recovery offer private sessions with a therapist and plenty of different treatment options to choose from. Christian based addiction treatment, or dual diagnosis treatment are two popular options to choose from. Inpatient heroin addiction treatment promises at least a month without being in contact with old drug connections and allows you enough time to move past the unbareable cravings that comes from heroin withdrawal, putting you in a better position to build on your clean-time into a lifetime of sobriety.

How Long is Heroin Addiction Treatment and Rehab?

Heroin addiction treatment can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days because of an extended withdrawal period, and the seriousness of the addiction. Your insurance coverage may also play a role in how long your stay will last. During your rehab visit you will follow a strict schedule that is meant to benefit every patient. Without structure, it can be difficult to find and maintain sobriety, inpatient heroin addiction treatment with Willow Springs Recovery offers a structured daily schedule that helps patients get into the habit of developing a daily schedule, this also teaches them responsibility, and gets their bodies on a normal sleeping and eating schedule.

Another worry many addicts seeking recovery have is missing work and fear of losing their jobs. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), many people are able to get away from work without disclosing the cause behind their absence. While there are certain criteria that must be taken into account, an employee is allowed up to 12 work weeks of time off in a 12-month period. This can be used to attend heroin rehab in Texas or elsewhere without fear of losing your job. Make sure to talk to a supervisor at work and see how soon your leave is allowed.

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Heroin Rehab: The Importance of an Aftercare Plan

Once making it through detox and your heroin rehab program, you have to move into the real world again. For many, transitioning back to the real world after treatment can be terribly difficult. Perhaps your dealer calls or texts you about buying again. Maybe a busy and stressful day at work sets off the emotions that used to trigger your heroin use. This is why it’s important to continue with some kind of aftercare after completing an inpatient heroin addiction treatment program. Addiction is a lifelong problem,  it’s important to spend time each day to improve yourself and maintain sobriety.

To help maintain sobriety, there are plenty of options available. Outpatient programs, and sober living homes are a great solution for many. Sober living homes provide structure to someone’s life by helping them achieve real-life goals while they live in a sober environment. People living in a sober living home will be required to create resumes and apply for jobs, go to support group meetings, pay rent and work.

Sometimes, outpatient programs aren’t easy to find or the person is too busy to dedicate that much time. In this case our counselors at Willow Springs Recovery can find great outpatient programs and have you ready to go for your first visit prior to leaving our facility. Support groups in your local community. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a group much like Alcoholics Anonymous. These support groups consist of former drug users who follow the 12 steps, meet regularly and help each other remain sober. They allow each person a place where their experiences are relevant so they can talk to others and feel like they are not being judged. Support groups are a great way to help people stay sober and make new friends that can last a lifetime.

Paying for Heroin Addiction Treatment in Texas

Paying for heroin addiction treatment in Texas is manageable. With the help of insurance, inpatient treatment at Willow Springs Recovery can be obtained for little to no cost. We work with many insurance companies around the country to deliver the highest attainable results, for a fair price.

Around the United States, there are rehab centers that can offer heroin addiction treatment. But none of them can offer personal treatment like Willow Springs Recovery in Texas. Combine the traditional Southern hospitality with 30 plus acres of scenic property, a private gym on-site, recreational activities on-site, and outstanding team of doctors, therapists and counselors, and Willow Springs Recovery can’t be beat. For people coming from outside the south, you might just be treated to some hearty Texas BBQ to help seal the deal.

In order to overcome your heroin addiction and have a successful rehab stay it is important to give it your all. From your first step into rehab all the way through the rest of your life, relapse doesn’t have to be an option. At the end of the day, you only get as much as you put in. If you don’t put any effort into recovery, sobriety won’t be an option, but if you try your hardest at every available moment, and listen to the advice and knowledge gained at Willow Springs Recovery, then you can stay sober for a lifetime.

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