Rehab Essentials: How To Prepare & What To Bring To Rehab

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Rehab Essentials: How To Prepare & What To Bring To Rehab

Sometimes, going to rehab can seem as hard as actually undergoing treatment at one. This is why, if you’re considering going to rehab, it’s important to learn just what’s involved in going to rehab. Learning the steps to getting into and through rehab is essential for a rewarding experience. It will help to make the process a bit easier and allow for better understanding over the process too. While the recovery and rehab process may vary a bit from one person to the next, there are some general guidelines which can help you when you’re going to rehab.

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First Step in Going to Rehab

When suffering from an addiction, many people don’t want to go to rehab until they have hit rock bottom, and some never even get into rehab. The first step in going to rehab is the toughest – and that’s actually deciding to go.

Once you have made the decision to go to rehab, the next thing for you to do is make a phone call to Willow Springs. We’re standing by, ready and able to help with the rehab process from start to finish. When first speaking with our team at Willow Springs, we’ll have a discussion about the severity of the addiction, past addictive behaviors, dual diagnosis, and more to try and get the best picture of who you are and what your needs may be. After discussing one’s addictive lifestyle, the staff can help to determine which rehab program would be most appropriate and most effective.

When you’ve chosen your program, the staff at Willow Springs will discuss start date, packing essentials, what should and shouldn’t be brought, and how to go to rehab in a more detailed manner. Many people don’t attend rehab because they are convinced it is going to be horrible. That isn’t true. By reading through this guide, you can know more about what to expect at our center.

What Happens During the Intake Meeting?

When arriving to the rehab center, there will be an intake meeting with the addiction recovery team along with the counselors. Everyone who attends the program will meet the staff. This helps them to feel more comfortable in the program. They will know who to talk with when they need something.

During the intake meeting, paperwork will be filled out. There will be an assessment on your lifestyle and your needs to make sure you are heading into the right addiction treatment program. In addition, there will be questions about your medical history to assure your safety. A physical exam may be done as well.

Keep in mind everything which is discussed during the intake meeting is to help you overcome your addiction. Be honest and open when talking with the rehab center staff.

What Will Entering the Rehab Center be Like?

When looking into going to rehab, the final thing to know is what happens when entering your rehab program. After the intake meeting, you’ll get a tour of the rehab and then be brought to your room. You’ll learn about your daily activities and schedule, which may include meal times, individual therapy and group times, and relaxation periods as well. There are generally recovery activities the patients are encouraged to participate in as well.

Entering rehab may seem a bit scary. However, keep in mind, there are others who are in there trying to overcome their addiction as well. In addition, the staff will be understanding of what everyone there is going through. It is a recovery community and through the rehab process, everyone gets the chance to overcome their addiction. If you’re ready to take the next step in your recovery, call us today. Actually going to rehab is the hardest part – it only gets easier.

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What Should I Bring to Rehab?

If you aren’t really sure how to go to rehab, learning about the packing essentials is a great first step. There are going to be things which should be brought to rehab and things which should be left at home as well. This is for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, bringing certain things and leaving others behind can make all the difference in the effectiveness of your program. Learning about going to rehab is just as important as learning what to bring. Some things might include:

  • Your favorite clothing. The clothing should be comfortable and appropriate. When in the rehab center program, there may be some uncomfortable moments through detox. During those times, having comfortable clothing to wear would be best. During the rest of the program, comfortable clothing will help you to feel more at home and more relaxed as well.
  • Toiletries should also be brought to rehab. These things include toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, comb, shampoo and conditioner and a hair dryer (if needed). Things such as perfume and mouthwash should not be brought to rehab as they may contain alcohol.
  • Certain documents are needed when going to rehab as well. These things include an I.D., insurance cards, prescription cards (if applicable), debit or credit card and a checkbook. You may want to bring some cash (if vending machines are placed in rehab center).
  • If you are on any medications, these should be brought in the first day of rehab. The staff members will keep them locked up and deliver them at the appropriate times.
  • Each patient should bring something to do. This might include a journal or books. It could include word search puzzles as well. Something calming and safe to do can help you get through your time in rehab a bit easier.

While it’s important to bring the essentials to rehab, it’s equally important to avoid bringing other things as well.

What Shouldn’t I Bring to Rehab?

Before starting a rehab program, everyone should know what shouldn’t be brought as well. The list of things to avoid bringing is generally the same from one rehab center to the next.

  • Nothing which contains alcohol or which could be used to get high should be brought to the addiction rehab center. Mouthwash and perfume may contain alcohol, so these things should be left at home. Ask the addiction expert who you talk to on the phone about more specifics, as the range of things one can get high on is quite expansive.
  • In regards to clothing, there should be no revealing clothing brought into the rehab center. This could be a distraction for others who are trying to overcome an addiction. It is not appropriate for the rehab center environment. Clothing which promotes drugs or alcohol should not be brought to rehab either.
  • Inappropriate books, videos, or magazines should be left at home when entering into a rehab program. These types of things may have explicit or inappropriate material which should not be a part of the rehab center environment.
  • No drinks or food from outside of the rehab center should be brought in. The rehab center will provide all food and drinks that will be needed throughout the rehab stay.
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed into the rehab center. While somewhat self explanatory, it’s important that everyone feels safe and secure in rehab and recovery.

Everyone should get a list of things not to bring when entering a rehab center program, however, this will show you a bit of what to expect.

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