Fourth: Residential Treatment
Residential treatment is often an integral part of an addiction treatment program. Understanding when a person goes to residential treatment, and what happens when they get there can eliminate many of the worries of those who are planning to attend rehab.

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Residential Addiction Treatment Center In Texas

After you have completed detox, which usually lasts between seven and 10 days, it’s time to move on to the program that you have put together with your treatment team. Most of the time, our clients move directly to residential rehab, but the decision largely falls on your insurance company. It is important to note that some clients will not go through this step. Your insurance company has created a team assigned to your case. They include doctors, addiction treatment experts, and health care experts. They, together with your treatment team at our facility, will determine the next step in your rehab program.

Most of the time, the next step is residential rehab, but in some cases when it is deemed appropriate, clients may find themselves living off the grounds in a PHP or IOP Program.

What Happens in Residential Treatment?

The time spent in residential treatment is critical for many. This is where you’re going to learn about yourself, and the things that cause you to want to drink or use in the first place. Our clients learn coping strategies, so they can deal with stressors they encounter every day that can cause relapses. Additionally, in individual therapy, you’ll get to understand some of the things that might have happened to you that have affected you and your life.

Group therapy, while some may wish to skip it, is also an integral part of your recovery process. This is where you find that you’re not alone in your journey. You’ll have an opportunity to develop a sense of community in these groups, as well as find new ways to continue living clean and sober.

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We have taken the necessary precautions to minimize the risk of exposure and transmission of the Coronavirus to those in our treatment programs, allowing them to focus on their recovery.

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Will I Be Able to Choose My Treatment Program?

When you begin your stay, you will have a treatment team to help you on your recovery journey. This will be your team throughout your time with us, so no matter where you are in the process, you will still have the same therapists, counselors, and team members helping you to overcome your addiction.

There are a few different treatment programs that people typically work with, and that have been proven to be effective, so you have options when it comes to how you’re going to work your recovery journey.

  • 12 step programs – Most commonly used in Alcoholics Anonymous, step-based treatment programs such as those of the 12 steps have been highly successful for many millions of those working to overcome an addiction. Each step works on an aspect of the effects of addiction, and how it can be applied in positive ways to enhance a healthy recovery experience.
  • Non-12 step programs – Unlike step-based programs, when a client chooses to undergo this model of treatment, they don’t go through several steps. Instead, they often work to offer practical recovery methods that are evidence-based to be effective. One of the more common non-12 step programs is SMART recovery.
  • Dual diagnosis – In some cases, it is an untreated and undiagnosed emotional or mental condition that causes a person to abuse substances or alcohol to self-medicate. In these cases, the emotional or mental disorder must be addressed at the same time that the addiction is addressed.
  • SMART Recovery group every Saturday, as well as SMART meetings throughout the week.

It is important to know that even though treatment programs are developed for each individual client, it is still required that groups are attended. The tracks of these groups may seem like they don’t specifically work with the individual client’s preferred program, but they are found to be highly effective, which is why they are required

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