Do You Want a Non 12 Step Approach to Recovery?
Non 12-step rehab has no formal definition. There isn’t one type of non 12-step addiction treatment. It simply means it’s not a rehab program that abides by the 12-step formula.

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Texas Non-12-Step Addiction Rehab 

Some swear by the 12 step process that programs like Alcoholics Anonymous use. While these programs are helpful for some, what about those who want an alternative?

If you want to try something new, you can attend a non 12 step rehab. A non 12 step drug and alcohol rehab focuses on physical health, a wide range of secular therapies, and boosting self-esteem.

Non 12-step rehab has no formal definition. There isn’t one type of non 12-step addiction treatment. It simply means it’s not a rehab program that abides by the 12-step formula.

Some of the non 12 step rehabs in Texas may take a scientific approach to their treatment. Programs like these cater to your needs on an individual basis, rather than simply enrolling you in the same treatment program everyone goes through.

Whether you want a non 12 step rehab or a more traditional 12-step addiction treatment, it’s important to explore all your options before choosing. While both are beneficial, some people are more likely to achieve everlasting sobriety with the program that’s right for them.

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What is Non 12 Step Rehab?

If you are a person who believes in scientific evidence and treatment, then non 12 step drug rehab might be for you. In Willow Springs Recovery’s non 12 step rehab you will receive intensive counseling and group therapy if you want to.

Non 12 step rehab programs also focus on co-occurring mental illnesses as well, often referred to as a dual diagnosis. Oftentimes, a mental illness will occur alongside an addiction, and the two will create a vicious cycle.

Addiction can often worsen the symptoms of a mental illness, and a mental illness can often drive addiction into a dangerous place.

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A non 12 step program can treat both issues effectively, and help individuals learn more about their mental illness and addiction while continuing on their path towards sobriety.

12 Step vs Non 12 Step

While both programs have their own unique benefits, it’s important to look at each in-depth to figure out which will work best for you and your recovery. For 12 step programs, some of the benefits include:

  • Common, easy to find treatment: Almost everyone knows about the 12 steps, and they’ve become incredibly popular and easy to find.
  • Convenient: 12 step programs are often a recommended part of aftercare programs for individuals just leaving treatment. This level of integration means it’s easy to enroll in a 12 step program.

However, some of the disadvantages include:

  • A debatable success rate: Some studies have pointed to a low success rate for 12 step programs. While these numbers are difficult to calculate and hotly debated, they show that the 12 step program may not be as effective as once believed.
  • Volunteer-based treatment: Rather than medically or psychologically-trained professionals, 12 step programs are usually volunteer based. This can lead to personable, relateable treatment, but it means you might not be getting the evidence-based treatment you truly need.
  • Lack of support for dual diagnosis: Addictions rarely happen in a vaccuum. Your addiction might be caused by an underlying mental illness, which will require more in-depth treatment. 12 step programs often don’t address dual diagnosis, making a relapse much more likely.

Non 12 step rehab centers have different benefits. They include:

  • Dual diagnosis support: Non 12 step centers understand the need to integrate psychology and mental health into their treatments. Treating any underlying mental illness is essential to a healthy recovery, and addiction treatment without the 12 steps makes this a priority.
  • Professional counseling: Because non religious rehab centers often utilize evidence-based treatments, you’ll experience therapy with professional psychologists who are licensed and trained to help you.
  • A variety of approaches: Non 12 step rehab centers circumvent the traditional 12 step framework, but also provide you with an individualized plan and strategy unique to you, your addiction, and your needs.

However, there are still some drawbacks to non 12 step treatment. They can include:

  • Rarity: Finding a non 12 step program can be difficult, as there aren’t as many available compared to those that align with the traditional framework of the 12 step system.
  • Distance: Because of the comparative scarcity of these programs, it can sometimes be inconvenient or tough to actually reach a non 12 step program. However, Willow Springs understands this, and can assist you with any needs you might have in reaching our center.

Types of Non 12 Step Rehab Programs

AA and other 12-step programs are the more common type of rehab programs, but there are many types of non-religious AA style treatment programs.

The most well-known non 12 step addiction treatment is SMART Recovery,which focuses on empowerment and self-reliance.

For people who don’t want to deal with the steps of recovery and would rather focus on learning and overcoming addiction, SMART recovery might be the choice for you.

Another type of non 12 step addiction treatment is the Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS).

This program helps religious and nonreligious people recover from drug addiction by using a scientific approach to addiction. There are no shortage of non religious rehab programs, and Willow Springs can help find the right one for you.

Choosing a Non 12 Step Rehab

If you’re attending rehab, you want to make sure you’re attending the right one. If not, you might not recover successfully. That’s why you should choose your non 12 step addiction treatment wisely.

Consider what makes you comfortable, what your belief systems are, what kind of programs you want to pursue, and what kind of programs are available.

Many 12-step and non 12 step programs believe addiction affects everyone differently.

12-step addiction treatment programs generally treat addiction as a disease while non 12 step treats addiction as a condition that is unique to every person who struggles with it.

As such, these programs take a more personalized and science-based approach to addiction, rather than a 12-step, religious approach.

While 12-step programs follow variations of the steps that were developed for AA, non 12 step step addiction treatment doesn’t. This means you will have a wider variety of treatments and aftercare options available.

You might practice meditation, exercise treatment, and other spiritual treatments that can help you recover your way.

Some non 12 step addiction treatment programs believe that trauma is an underlying reason for drug addiction. To address this trauma and other conditions, counseling is available for those who need it.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most common, but there are other types of therapy available. Non 12 step rehab is all about finding what works for you, rather than trying to fit into a 12 step program that might not be right for you.

Finding an Affordable Non 12 Step Rehab

If you want to attend a non 12 step rehab in Texas, look no further: Willow Springs Recovery is the answer to your addiction.

Our staff provides some of the best non 12 step addiction treatment by treating trauma, using science and medication, and utilizing different therapies and techniques.

Anything you might need from a non 12 step rehab in Texas, you can find at Willow Springs.

If you’re worried about paying for comprehensive treatment at a non 12 step rehab in Texas, worry no more. Willow Springs accepts many insurance companies, so you can get all or part of your treatment covered.

In fact, some insurance companies have been known to fund your entire rehab stay. Willow Springs wants you to get the treatment you need.

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