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Meth Addiction Treatment Center In Texas

Methamphetamine is one of the most powerful, dangerous and now popular drugs in America. The United States government reported that 13 million Americans over the age of 12 have used meth.

Not only is meth widely available but there are major concerns about how it is produced. It is often made at home by inexperienced chemists, who are unable to guarantee the quality of their product.

Because it is so cheap and readily available, meth rehab visits have been increasing steadily. The reason why meth is so dangerous is that it releases and excess amount of dopamine in the brain, triggering the user’s reward system.

This dopamine release is so powerful that it only takes one or two experiences with meth to become hooked on the satisfaction the drug appears to give.

As meth abuse works its way into an addiction, dopamine receptors are destroyed in the brain. All that the abuser is focused on is meth, because it is the only thing that will give them pleasure anymore.

If you have a meth addiction, family and friends are often left behind as meth addiction takes center stage in your life. It is important to get treatment as soon as possible, since it will only become more addictive and damage the brain even more as time goes on.

Do I Need Meth Addiction Treatment?

One of the reasons why meth is such a dangerous drug is because it is so easy to become caught up in an addiction before you know what is happening. Meth is known for its addictive qualities and often times people seem to become hooked at first use.

If you want make a serious effort to get clean and sober, you will need to identify that you have crossed the line between addiction and abuse. It is your ultimate decision to determine that you are ready for meth rehab. If you are having trouble making this differentiation, do not worry. There are several mental, physical and emotional cues that you may be able to pick up on to help you out.

Picking up on some of these signs and admitting you do indeed have a meth addiction, is a huge first step in getting the help you need through treatment. You can always look towards the following methamphetamine addiction signs to give yourself a better idea:

  • Meth mouth, a condition where teeth become decayed and gums are diseased, is one of the most telltale signs of methamphetamine addiction.
  • Meth abuse typically leads to drastic weight loss.
  • Higher methamphetamine tolerance is built up over time, allowing the individual to smoke more meth than before, with fewer results.
  • Depression and anxiety become more common.
  • New friends are made and interest is lost in former hobbies.
  • Financial troubles due to supported meth addiction.

Pregnancy and Meth Use

Crystal meth not only affects the drug user. Rehab addiction treatment can help save more than one life. Women of childbearing age should seek immediate treatment help for their addiction. Pregnant mothers with a crystal meth addiction put their unborn babies at risk. A developing fetus exposed to the chemicals in crystal meth are at risk at premature birth, organ defects, and other abnormalities.

The Brown Center for the Study of Children at Risk also report the effects of crystal meth addiction that cause other health complications for unborn babies. Some of these are restrictive growth leading to high blood pressure, diabetes, and behavioral problems. In some cases, miscarriages can occur. Pregnant mothers that continue to abuse crystal meth also put themselves at risk. Complications such as placental abruption can be life threaten. Rehab treatment for your addiction can help you if you’re are concern about these possible health risks.

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Short Term Effects of Methamphetamine Addiction

Meth is an extremely powerful stimulant, so the drug can start decreasing appetite and increasing wakefulness almost immediately.

The dangerously high amount of dopamine in the brain due to meth abuse, creates several other consequences in the short-term as well.

  • Sleep patterns are severely altered due to meth addiction.
  • Irregularly fast heartbeat, accompanied chest pains.
  • Lung collapse due to changes in air pressure changes
  • Brain hemorrhage.
  • Elevated blood pressure and body temperature.

When individuals overdose on meth, they experience Hypothermia and convulsions.

If treatment is not found right away, it can result in death. Even before meth addiction sets in, there is chance that abuse can put your life in danger.

Long-Term Effects of Meth Addiction

When meth is abused over a lengthy period of time, negative physical and psychological dangers start to pile up. The longer meth is abused, the more severe the following effects become. Below are long term meth addiction symptoms.

  • Severe damage to critical organs, including the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.
  • An aged appearance due to poor diet and hygiene.
  • Damaged nasal pathways from snorting.
  • Long-term psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and mood disturbances.
  • Permanent structural and functional damage to the brain.

Without some form of meth addiction treatment, the culmination of growing health concerns can end up resulting in death. It is another reason why it is important to seek meth rehab sooner rather than later.

Withdrawal and Detox in Meth Addiction Treatment

If you are ready for meth addiction treatment, your first step will be methamphetamine detox. The goal of methamphetamine detox is to clear all of the harmful substance and toxins from your body, helping you reach a state of sobriety.

It is important to seek detox treatment from professionals because you will be experiencing a withdrawal from meth. If you have ever been unable to get your hands on meth, or tried to take a break yourself during the course of your addiction, you will already know some of the signs of methamphetamine withdrawal:

  • Cravings
  • Shaking
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Hypertension
  • Hallucinations
  • Psychosis

Although you may be worried about experiencing these symptoms, Willow Springs Recovery offers 24/7 detox treatment from trained medical professionals.

They will make you as comfortable as possible during your detox. The detoxification treatment process is an uncomfortable, yet necessary, part for making a full recovery from meth addiction.

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Individualized Methamphetamine Treatment

The focus of meth addiction treatment is always set on a long-term recovery, so patients are able to help this process by setting their own goals for their future.Patients receive highly individualized treatment, specifically tailored to their own specific needs.

Some people prefer a faith based approach to their addiction treatment, by getting back in touch with their faith to help them stay sober for a life time. Others prefer treatment with no religion, and we can accommodate this as well.

Methamphetamine addiction treatment is common at Willow Springs, so the staff is well prepared to help with it. Patients seeking meth treatment are able to fit in, and recover alongside patients who are going through a similar recovery process.

Why Willow Springs for Meth Rehab?

Above all else, Willow Springs Recovery is an excellent option because it provides patients with outstanding individualized treatment. Our 3 to 1 patient to therapist ratio ensures that everyone will have a fair amount of time to work privately with their therapists.

Evidence based therapy methods such as Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT) and Psychodrama are the primary treatments, ensuring patients that their treatment can be effective with the right focus.

We offer an around the clock medical detox supervision and have extensive experience with methamphetamine addiction treatment. Our patients are able to enjoy chef-inspired meals, opportunities for recreational activities and have access to their electronic devices.

At Willow Springs Recovery patients do not feel as if they are in a hospital setting; instead they are provided with treatment in a recovery setting that feels just like home. If you believe that now is the time for rehab, feel free to call and get help today! Our substance abuse treatment programs can put you on the fast track to a lifetime of sobriety.

The phone lines are always open at Willow Springs and patients are able to be admitted to treatment around the clock. A whole new sober lifestyle is only one phone call away.

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