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What Happens In Rehab? Rehab Explained From Start To Finish

Overcoming an addiction, finding sobriety, and living in recovery isn’t always an easy process – it’s a journey that continues for a lifetime. Even those who are years sober can find it tough to keep clean and sober. With that being said, there are many benefits to keeping up with a sober and recovering lifestyle – it’s getting there that’s tough. The hardest part is starting out – and many don’t know what happens in rehab. To many, the uncertainty is enough to keep them from going to rehab all together. To have the most success with overcoming an addiction, you should start with the rehab process. There are various steps you’ll go through in rehab, including intake, detox, rehab and aftercare. Each of these steps is completely unique, and serves its own special role in your recovery.

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What Does the Intake Process Include?

When going through to a rehab center to help overcome your addiction, the intake process is the first thing you’ll experience. This helps our staff to determine what type of rehab treatment center may be the best fit for a particular person and what treatments may be needed. In this stage, you’ll be asked some questions to get a better perspective of your needs and your experience. Honesty at this point is key, as your answers are all confidential and will give our staff the best picture of what you need to reach sobriety.

There may be some screenings and diagnostic tests to undergo during the intake process, and will help determine the best course of action for the addiction treatment. Every person needs their own addiction treatment plan, and at Willow Springs, our treatment plans are always unique to each patient. Our staff want to know how severe your addiction is, your drug or alcohol abuse history, family addiction history and more.

There are many treatment options available at Willow Springs, but our staff make sure to match each person up with an addiction treatment program that meets their own needs. This increases the chances of success with sobriety and long-term recovery. There are inpatient and outpatient options or a combination of both for rehab programs too. Regardless of which one you pick, the intake process will help with the decision and give you the best and most complete understanding of what will happen in rehab.

What Happens in Detox?

After you’ve determined what type of program you’d like, you’ll enter into the detox phase. This is the period in which the body detoxes and gets clean from alcohol and drugs. Any traces of these which are left in the body are removed during the detox process, and you’ll be a clean slate to start your rehab program. In some cases, you’ll be given medication to help manage the withdrawal symptoms. This medication is usually given for people who are getting clean from drugs such as heroin or opiates, and helps you taper comfortably and safely off of whatever substance you may be addicted to.

The detox phase will vary based on different things. One of the factors is how the person’s body metabolizes drugs or alcohol. Some people are able to clear it out of their system faster than others. The type of drugs or alcohol that was abused is another factor, and the length of time you used a substance is also taken into consideration. Our team does everything they can to make your detox as comfortable and quick as possible. We’ll help you get through detox and on to the most important part of rehab – your treatment program.

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What Do You Do in Rehab?

Once an individual makes it through the intake and detox process, they’ll begin their specific treatment program. This could include a wide variety of treatment styles, including inpatient, outpatient, dual diagnosisnon 12 step, and more. During your program, you’ll work on the issues behind your addiction and your lifestyle. By addressing the issues, you can move forward with life, reduce triggers and cravings, and ultimately live a healthy, sober lifestyle.

You’ll experience a variety of different therapies and activities based on your treatment program to help you recover in the most natural and comfortable way possible. When receiving inpatient treatment, you’ll stay with us for a period of time – usually 30 days to 90 days – sometimes a bit less or more, depending on the varying factors discussed above. You’ll have around-the-clock care, great food, medical professionals, and great company.

What Types of Therapy are Utilized at Willow Springs?

While every treatment plan is different, almost all of them will include some form of therapy. While these are just a few of the styles we utilize, therapy is a big part of what happens in rehab. Some of our therapy styles include:

Individual Therapy

Generally, almost all people who are attending a rehab center will begin with individual therapy. This is where they’ll work on themselves with the help of a counselor or therapist. They will talk about their past, why and when they begin abusing drugs or alcohol and more. During the sessions, the you’ll learn strategies and recovery tools to help you stay sober and create a healthy, recovering lifestyle. Many times, in these sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy is used.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a common form of therapy in rehab. CBT helps us recognize how are thoughts and emotions can play into dangerous and damaging thought patterns that can play into continuing our addiction. CBT can help you correct these thought patterns and change your outlook on life, all while making sobriety that much easier.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is another type of treatment used at Willow Springs in many of our treatment programs. This type of therapy gives you the chance to interact with others who are in recovery, both to share your experiences and hear theirs. It will allow you to have a greater sense of community and to feel less alone in the process of overcoming addiction. It can also give you a brand new perspective on addiction, which is an essential part of a healthy recovery.

What is Rehab Like at Willow Springs?

In addition to the various types of therapies, there are also many activities you can experience at Willow Springs. Some of these various activities include hiking, meditation, sports, and more. Activities like these can not only help you bond with those around you, but can also help your body recover from the damage addiction has done. A healthy body is essential to a successful recovery, and we make getting there as fun as possible.

Why Choose Willow Springs?

While there are many rehab centers in Texas, Willow Springs offers a unique experience in a variety of ways. Between our cutting edge treatments, therapies, activities, and customized programs, we’re one of a kind – and your recovery can be too. Contact us today to learn more about our programs, costs, and most importantly – what happens in rehab. We hope to hear from you soon!

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