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Yesterday, many people celebrated Easter Sunday. Even if you remove the religion from the holiday, the idea behind it makes for an interesting story.

Easter is a story of coming back from the dead, of resurrection, and of renewal. That kind of sounds like what happens when people go into recovery for drug addiction or alcohol abuse.

After all, if a person enters rehab, they’re killing off parts of their lives. To make their recoveries successful, they have to end the physical habits and thought processes that they associated with their addictions. They might have to find new places to spend their free time. They might have to keep reminding themselves that they’re worthy people that don’t need alcohol or drugs to cope but instead have the psychological tools they need to handle any situation.

Rehab teaches people new ways to live and think. It can resurrect the body and brain from sickness and restore one’s life.

But did you know that some rehabs also talk about resurrection in the spiritual sense? Some faith-based drug rehab centers and programs use the teachings of religions to address addiction and promote recovery. You can find such spiritually based treatment in outpatient programs or even entire rehab centers sponsored by specific religious groups.

There are faith-based rehab centers and programs for all religions (or lack thereof). Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step support groups discuss something called a higher power, an entity that some people interpret as God and others consider to be more a spiritual force. There are even support groups specifically for atheists.

These examples illustrate how specialized substance abuse treatment can be. It doesn’t stop with religion-based treatment, either. Are you a teenager who needs help with drug or alcohol abuse? There’s specialized help for that. A women who wants to receive treatment only among other women? There’s also help for that. Addiction is not standard, so neither is the treatment.

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