Non-Faith Based Rehab in Texas
You can’t stop drinking, and you drink until you’re drunk. Millions of people drink every day without becoming inebriated. Not you.

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Non-Faith Based Alcohol Rehab in Texas 

You can’t stop drinking, and you drink until you’re drunk. Millions of people drink every day without becoming inebriated. Not you.

That’s not your fault. Alcohol causes many social ills and health problems. Nobody would wreck his or her family, career, and liver if she or he had a choice; however, alcohol can be more addictive and accessible than most substances, so it’s easy to see how people fall into addiction. This is why non faith based rehab is essential.

Maybe you’ve prayed for a cure. That’s sort of what Alcoholics Anonymous – the longest-lived and best promoted alcohol “cure” – calls for with its faith-based 12-step program. Six of the 12 steps mention God – or a euphemism such as a higher or greater Power – and call on Him to “restore us to sanity.” But this is just one method of recovering from alcohol addiction, and some are uncomfortable with the religious nature of AA.

Millions credit their sobriety to AA, but many more have tried and failed with AA than succeeded. In fact, although many alcohol addiction rehab centers incorporate a version of the Twelve Steps, AA is more of a religious support group than a treatment for alcoholism. That is why Willow Springs Recovery welcomes people of all faiths or no faith so that we can find out the best approach to treating your drinking problem.

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Why Does Faith-Based Rehab Sometimes Fail?

Sometimes religion not only doesn’t help, it hurts. While some have faith that can move mountains, others find religion to be an impediment to their sobriety, even among the very pious. Some of their reasons include:

  • Personal responsibility: You have to want to remain sober, not just hope that God will make it so.
  • Bad experiences: Some people grew up in purportedly religious but actually abusive households. And some suffered abuse in church at the hands of clergy. Those religion-related experiences may have driven them to drink.
  • Prefer science: Addiction isn’t usually caused by a crisis of faith, but rather by a genetic predisposition, psychological damage, or a co-occurring disorder such as mental illness. So, even some of the devout prefer a scientific, evidence-based approach to treatment.
  • Not religious: Some people claim no faith or no specific faith, and derive no benefit in the trappings of traditional religion.

What Is Non Faith Based Rehab?

Non religious rehab is any treatment that doesn’t refer to or depend upon a belief in God; rather, it is usually science – or evidence-based – to control addiction to alcohol or drugs. Although faith-based rehab may include many of the same treatments in addition to prayer – medically monitored detox, 24-hour care, proper nutrition, exercise, meditation, and occupational therapy – non faith based rehab is more likely to use or focus on certain scientific treatments.

Non Faith Based Treatments

The two basic treatments commonly found in non faith based rehab centers are:

  • Pharmacotherapies: These are replacement or maintenance drugs that can help reduce the withdrawal pains during detox, such as acamprosate, or antagonist drugs that make continued drinking less attractive by blocking the effects of and cravings for alcohol, such as naltrexone, or causing unpleasant side effects, such as disulfiram.
  • Behavioral Therapies: These therapies aim to change the addict’s attitude to alcohol and drugs through rewards or positive reinforcement, and to teach alternative coping skills for stress instead of drinking. These include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), contingency management, the community reinforcement approach, and motivational enhancement therapy.

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What Happens after Non Faith Based Rehab?

Any first-rate alcoholism treatment center should include an aftercare plan. Remaining sober while in treatment is comparatively easy. Away from the center, back to your old life and associations, the urge to drink may increase. So your post-rehab regimen should include follow-up medical visits, continued psychological therapy, both individual and group, and help from family and friends.

If you’d like to attend a support group after non faith based rehab but can’t get past the religious content of Alcoholics Anonymous, there are secular versions to help you remain steady in your abstinence.

Secular Support Groups

  • SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training): Online and face-to-face, utilizing cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques.
  • LifeRing Secular Recovery: A peer-run non-profit support/addiction recovery group.
  • Moderation Management: A peer-run secular non-profit support group.
  • Secular Organizations for Sobriety/SOS (also known as Save Our Selves): Autonomous, nonprofit secular network of addiction recovery groups.

Why Should You Choose Willow Springs Recovery?

Willow Springs Recovery welcomes people of all faiths and no faith at all. While Willow Springs has an open policy on religious and nonreligious recovery practices, its facilities are also equipped to handle your medical and psychological needs, including detox, alcohol withdrawal management, psychotherapy, and counseling. To help your body recover from the rigors of treatment, nutrition and safe physical exercise is also available in forms such as hiking, swimming, and working out in a full gym, or alternative movement exercise such as tai chi. If you want space for private, nonreligious meditation, that’s available too.

If you’re not sure how much treatment your insurance will cover, Willow Springs can check that for you. Just click on the Online Verification Form. Then start getting healthy.

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