If you want to know how to report someone abusing prescription drugs, there are many ways you can do that. According to HealthDay, in the United States of America, around seven million people abuse prescription drugs. This is a much higher statistic than it is for those who abuse heroin, ecstasy, and cocaine combined. Many people think about addiction and don’t want to relate to it. They don’t think it will ever happen to someone they love. Their family members or friends would never get themselves into that situation. The thing is though, it isn’t a choice. Addiction is a disease. For example, someone might be prescribed prescription painkillers after a surgery. They may become dependent upon them. Then, their tolerance is increased and before they know it, they are abusing the medications meant to help them.

There are some prescription drugs that are more addictive than others, such as prescription painkillers and ADHD medications. While these medications should always be taken only by the person they are prescribed to and at the dosage prescribed, that doesn’t always happen. It isn’t generally someone’s intent to abuse their prescription drugs. However, it does happen.

Do you know someone who is abusing prescription drugs? Do you want to get them help? There are ways you can do this. While it might seem frightening to report your loved one and you might feel you are betraying them, it may be the best option. When confronting most people with an addiction, they will deny it or get defensive. Your other option for helping them may be to report them. It could help to save their life.

Contacting the DEA

One of the ways you can report someone who is abusing prescription drugs is by contacting the DEA. The DEA has a tip hotline where you can let them know if someone is abusing prescription drugs. It can be tough to call the DEA on a loved one or friend. However, if they are abusing prescription drugs, such as hydrocodone or oxycodone, their life is at stake. Your loved one or friend may even be buying prescription drugs off others or selling theirs. If this is the case, they have other legal issues going on as well. Contacting the DEA could help to save your loved one’s life.

Calling 9-1-1

One of the most difficult things someone may have to face is dealing with a loved one’s addiction. Have you ever noticed that your loved one is abusing prescription drugs? Maybe they are even selling them or buying drugs from someone else. If so, you can call 9-1-1. You want your loved one to stay safe. Every time they abuse prescription drugs they are at a risk of overdosing. If they are selling or buying drugs from others, they are putting themselves in a dangerous situation. Calling 9-1-1 on your loved one may seem like you are putting them away. Just remember, you are doing it to help save their life. You care about them and love them which is why you are making this choice.

Contacting The Prescribing Doctor

One of the things many people don’t consider is calling their loved one’s doctor. They think the doctor won’t hear them out due to privacy laws. The truth is the doctor can’t tell you anything about their patients, even if it is your loved one, unless you are on the contact list. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to the doctor and just have them listen to you. Most doctors, nowadays, run random drug tests. This allows them to test the levels of drugs in their patient’s system, to make sure they aren’t abusing them. This isn’t done all the time, though. If you want to report someone who is abusing prescription drugs, you can make a call to the prescribing doctor. Submitting this complaint may encourage the doctor to run a drug test or to wean that patient off from the prescription.

Contacting the Pharmacy

Another thing you can do to report someone who is abusing prescription drugs is to contact the pharmacy where they are getting their medications. Depending on which pharmacist you speak with, they may refuse to fill the prescriptions any longer or they may make a note to that patient’s doctor as well. Pharmacies keep track of what prescriptions are filled and when. There is also a website that allows them to track if the patient has filled similar or the same medications at other pharmacies. By doing this, they can have a better idea of what patients might be abusing prescription drugs.

If you know someone who is abusing prescription drugs, it might be the best decision to report them. If they are your loved one or friend, you may think you are betraying them. However, just remember, you only want what is best for them. You want them to have the best life possible. You are trying to help save their life. There is nothing wrong with that. Above are some of the ways you can report someone who is abusing prescription drugs. Hopefully, that will allow you to do all you can for your loved one, friend, boss, employee, or someone else you know.

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