While alcohol or drug addiction may devastate every aspect of people’s lives, many people are afraid to seek much-needed treatment to fight such addiction. They may be afraid of the treatment themselves, afraid of what it costs, and afraid of what others will say about them.

They may afraid be afraid of giving up their old way of life. This may include giving up their technology. But, like other aspects of addiction and addiction treatment, it’s not easy to determine how a person’s addiction may relate to their use of technology.

Do rehabs allow cell phones?

It depends. Smartphones are connected to the internet, so they may help people research their treatment and learn more about addiction and drugs in general. Some rehabs that allow cellphones do so because they connect people, so clients may receive support from their loved ones even if they can’t see them in person. Social support is an important component to help people become sober and enjoy healthy recoveries.

Some rehabs and sobriety meetings do not allow cell phones. They say that such devices could distract clients when they are in therapy sessions or threaten other clients’ privacy in group settings. And obviously, using phones during certain medical procedures is unwise in some situations and dangerous and impossible in other situations.

Can I bring my laptop to rehab?

As with cell phones, it is important to check with drug and alcohol facilities and meetings to see if they allow laptops and other devices. Some permit people to bring laptops because the computers allow people to work. People may not be able to take time from work or may be reluctant to do so. Bringing computers, phones, or other devices lets them continue to work while they receive treatment

But again, laptops may be distracting during treatment sessions and the cameras on such devices could create privacy concerns. Laptops and cell phones may also allow people to contact people they shouldn’t contact, such as people who may provide them with drugs. Part of rehab and recovery is learning to embrace people and things that will encourage sobriety, not derail it.

There are convincing arguments for and against the use of cell phones, laptops, and devices in rehab. Treatment facilities and professionals are working to determine whether technology will affect treatment.

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