How To Recover From Alcohol Addiction

Battling alcoholism is far from easy. Temptation feels impossible to fight, and alcohol is always nearby. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, too. Medical experts say there is no such thing as a cure for alcoholism, but that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it with the right rehab, treatment, and recovery programs.

An alcohol recovery program can help those who have a desire to stop drinking to overcome their alcoholism and start living the life they want. Everyone recovers from alcohol in their own way at their own pace, so it’s good to have options so each unique person can choose an alcohol recovery program that will serve him or her best. If you want to quit being one of the 14 million Americans who suffer from alcohol addiction, call Willow Springs today to get started on your recovery – on your terms.


Alcoholism Defined

Many say the first step toward finding a solution is admitting you have a problem. This is especially true in alcohol addiction and alcohol recovery centers. There are three steps in the scientific model relating to recovery. One is not realizing that you need alcohol recovery. One is a determining that you need an alcohol recovery program. Another is taking action toward your recovery from alcohol addiction.

Alcoholics Anonymous says, “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol, that our lives had become unmanageable” in just its first step toward recovery from alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is tough to fight, mainly because of how difficult the symptoms are to manage. They can include:

  • Lying or hiding your drinking
  • Drinking to relax or cure a hangover
  • Drinking so much you black out
  • Neglecting responsibilities
  • Drinking even if you’re in a dangerous situation
  • Inability to stop drinking once you start
  • Inability to drink more than you used to
  • Inability to quit

Are You Ready to Start Alcohol Recovery Treatment?

The importance of starting alcohol recovery treatment immediately cannot be understated. If drinking has controlled your life, take control again. Upon arrival, you’ll meet people who seem nothing like you, but all of you are searching for one thing: recovery from alcoholism. The early stages of addiction treatment are to teach you how to live alcohol-free. You will learn how to deal with life without using alcohol, allowing you to rejoin society as a functioning adult. Many view asking for help as a weakness, but at Willow Springs we see it as a sign of strength – the strength to quit alcohol for good.

Maintaining Recovery from Alcohol

While rehab treatment at many alcohol recovery centers lasts weeks or months, maintaining sobriety is a lifelong challenge. If you ever stop your recovery from alcohol, your risk of relapsing is greater. You can recover from alcoholism, but it takes work and dedication. Alcohol recovery programs keep this in mind, and do more than just treat the physical signs of addiction. In alcohol recovery treatment, you’ll recover from alcoholism mentally as well as physically. This is reinforced by some of the most effective aftercare programs out there, all of which are available to you once you’ve finished your treatment at an alcohol recovery center.

There are many programs in place to help you stay sober for good. Rehabilitation aftercare is the most important thing you can do to stay sober for a lifetime. A meeting or two every week will help you stay on the right track. AA meetings and SMART Recovery meetings can be fantastic alcohol recovery programs. Relapses happen, but with the help of recovery centers for alcoholism, they can be kept in check. Many never experience a relapse if they attend rehabilitation aftercare.

Dry Drunk: Your Worst Enemy

Sure you might have quit alcohol for good, but are you a dry drunk? A dry drunk is slang for someone who doesn’t drink, but continues to act dysfunctional. After attending alcohol recovery programs, you’re supposed to live a life of happiness and peace of mind. A dry drunk will act greedy and irrationally. They will act similar to how they were when they were drunk, and many times worse. If this sounds familiar, it might be because despite a recovery from alcoholism, you’re still holding on to some of the behavior you engaged in during that time. It’s hard enough to overcome alcoholism, but sometimes it’s even harder to change how you’ve behaved for a good portion of your life. This is why alcohol recovery programs are so important. They can help you once you’ve completed rehab to help you overcome not only things like triggers and temptations, but also some of the bad habits alcoholism left behind.

Seek Help from an Alcohol Recovery Center Today

Millions of Americans have found help at alcohol recovery centers across the country. There are also millions who have relapsed after not finding the proper care or aftercare in an alcohol recovery program. That’s why Willow Springs is here. We want to offer you the best care available because you deserve sobriety. Call us today and get placed into one of our incredible alcohol recovery programs. Don’t let alcoholism keep you from the life you deserve.