10 Surprising Addictions that Aren’t Substance Use Disorder

Did you know that it’s possible to be addicted to something that isn’t alcohol or a drug? It might seem strange, but people can really become addicted to substances or even objects other than drugs and alcohol…and it can be very disruptive.

If you can’t stop guzzling coffee or caffeinated beverages and go far, far over the daily limit, there’s a chance that there’s something else going on. Huge amounts of caffeine can cause anxiety, shakiness, and restlessness. Your heart rate can increase, blood pressure can spike, which can lead to seizure, and then lead to stroke.

There’s not a lot known about screen addiction as of yet. But scientists are looking into the effects of overusing smart phones, computers, tablets, and so on.

Much like gambling addiction, shopping can trigger similar parts in the brain.

While exercise can be a great way to get over addiction, it can also be an addictive habit. When you exercise even while sick or injured, if you exercise longer than recommended and too intensely, you may have an unhealthy relationship with exercise.

Social Media
It’s great that we can be connected, especially in our busy lives, when we may live far away from the people we love. But for some, social media is uncontrollable, and they can’t get away from it. If social media sites are dominating all of your free time (and otherwise), it’s a good idea to step away, into real-life.

Hypersexuality can be considered an addiction. If you can’t stop having sex, can’t stop looking at porn, can’t stop seeking sexual partners (maybe online or even randomly), there’s a good chance you are addicted. Similar to shopping or gambling addiction, sex can trigger the pleasure centers of the brain.

Addiction starts as a rewiring of the pleasure centers of the brain. No matter the degree or focus of the addiction, many habits can be problematic. Depending on your environment, genetics, and other factors, you can become addicted to just about anything. It’s important to remember, that just like drug or alcohol addiction, it’s not moral failing that has put you in this situation.

Are alcohol and drugs ruining your life?

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