Are you contemplating joining an addiction recovery forum? Is it to share your thoughts, to understand addiction from the perspective of other people, or to inspire you to take action? There are many reasons to consider participating in online discussions.

Before joining an addiction forum, you must first find one. Even then, the forum will only be helpful if its conversations are constructive and relevant.

1. Drugs-Forum

On the Drug-Forum website, you will find several active drug addiction and recovery subforums. The subforums include posts on alcohol, opioid, and cocaine addictions, discussions about general addiction, and other topics. Drug-Forum features thousands of contributors. One of the most active areas on the site is a subforum about opioids/opiates that features over 60,000 contributions.

2. The e-AA Group

The e-AA Group discussion forum is another popular site about addiction. It has more than 10,000 members, more than 11,000 topics, and more than 133,000 posts. It provides useful tools to help newcomers navigate the site. The tools include views of active topics, unanswered posts, and online members.

3. SoberRecovery

Do you want to find a forum with several posts on recovery for statistical reasons? SoberRecovery may be a worthy pick. The site’s most active forum is for newcomers to recovery, which boasts over 112,000 threads and more than 1.9 million posts. In total, SoberRecovery has over 6.2 million posts across its forums and more than 178,000 members.

4. The Tribe Wellness Community

The Tribe Wellness Community defines itself as a peer-to-peer support group intended for people recovering from addiction. This support group goes beyond chat rooms and forums to include member-focused wellness tools such as mood mapping, wellness trackers, and friendly reminders. This site may be a good choice if you need a personalized forum experience.

5. Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide is a support and information platform for addiction recovery that focuses primarily on opioid addiction. The site contains a great deal of information about opioid addiction and recovery.

6. The Recovery Zone

The Recovery Zone offers wide addiction recovery support about alcohol, tobacco, and drug use as well as addictive disorders that involve food, sex, and gambling, among other things. While many forums are limited in their scope, The Recovery Zone covers a wider addiction base. If you are interested in discussions about addiction beyond alcohol and drugs, check out this site.

7. Addiction Survivors

Addiction Survivors is a peer-to-peer support community primarily intended for people with drug or alcohol addictions and their families and friends. This support community includes forums about opioid, alcohol, benzodiazepine, and stimulant addictions.

8. NAChatroom.org

As its name indicates, NAChatroom.org is a chat room for the Narcotics Anonymous (NA) organization. Compared to other addiction sites, the site uses a hands-off approach to online discussion forums. Some chats are open only to people with drug problems, while other chats are open to everyone.

Face-to-face meetings and online forums offer places where you can find powerful conversations and helpful fellowship. Sharing and learning about addiction recovery can help people find and keep sobriety.


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