There’s no magic tool that cures drug and alcohol addiction for everyone, say experts. Actually, there’s no cure for drug and alcohol addiction, but there are many different tools that may aid in sobriety and produce long-lasting recovery.

Barry Grant is the director of outpatient services at Hope House Treatment Centers and a program manager for the New Jersey Association on Correction. He’s also a former addict and prison inmate.

Given his professional and personal experience, Grant is well-informed about addiction and treatment. He is also says that treating drug and alcohol addiction is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

His personal experience has informed his beliefs. Grant participated in 12-step groups but felt that they didn’t address his needs. He says that such meetings may work for other people and in other instances.

Instead, Grant said that different types of therapy and the theories behind the therapies resonated more with him. In a discussion on the National Public Radio show 1A, Grant mentioned

• Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT)
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
• Motivational interviewing (MI)

Rational emotive behavior therapy is a type of therapy that discusses how people’s thoughts affect their feelings. REBT is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, which also focuses on the way that people think. In motivational interviewing, therapists help clients find the motivation to make positive changes.

Such therapeutic approaches relate to how people think. The approaches aim to change people’s thought processes and actions. Grant believes that changing people’s thought processes may be a crucial component to addressing and fighting addiction.

Even if treatment programs and centers use such therapy, this therapy is not going to be the same for every person. People have different thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. They may use drugs and alcohol for different reasons. Using similar treatments may produce different effects in different people.

Understanding the unique needs of individuals may help people treat their problems more effectively and allow them to continue living their unique lives.

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