5 Basic Methods to Keep You Away from Substance Use Disorder

You’ve completed recovery, and you’re back to living your daily life. Or perhaps you are living in a sober house, or you’ve changed locations to help you stay on track. Either way, there’s always temptation out there, especially when you least expect it. Many addicts find their own path to sobriety, but there are still some basic techniques to use when you’re avoiding drugs or alcohol.

1) Exercise. Many addicts find a new lease on life when they discover exercise. A way to unleash energy, the endorphins released during exercise can help to relax you, improve sleep, ease anxiety, and make you happier.

2) Gratitude. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to reflect on where you’ve come in your sobriety and how to move forward. Do you have family, friends, a home? When you think about the positive parts of your life, you’re more likely to have a positive outlook.

3) Sleep. Sleep can be the difference between having a good and bad day—and potentially using or not using drugs. When you get enough sleep, your body heals, your anxiety decreases, and your mood improves. When you’re in recovery, you want your body to be in tip-top shape—and getting enough sleep is the first step toward being healthy.

4) Schedule. Keeping a regular schedule help you to keep track of sleeping, exercising, and eating. When you schedule your life around the habits that keep you afloat, you can help to curb cravings and potential relapse.

5) Food. When your body is nourished, your mind will be, too. Eating a diet rich in fiber, green vegetables, colorful fruits, whole-grains, and lean protein is a great way to stay lean and in shape.

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