More Than a Case of the Mondays

The Mamas and the Papas and the Boomtown Rats both recorded songs about it (“Monday, Monday” and “I Don’t Like Mondays,” respectively). So did the Bangles, in a song written by Prince, no less (“Manic Monday”). Cool songs aside, sometimes it’s hard to get excited about Mondays.

For some people, this lack of enthusiasm adds to an already-existing depression. People struggling with depression aren’t just dealing with a case of the Mondays. They have a medical condition that requires professional medical help.

Some people deal with their depression by turning to drugs and alcohol. To complicate things even more, abusing alcohol or drugs can cause depression, which could lead to even more alcohol or drug abuse.

These two co-existing conditions are very common. In fact, they’re so common that they have a name: dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis is when people abuse substances AND have a mental condition such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), or anorexia.

People with dual diagnoses might feel ashamed, but they shouldn’t. As we’ve noted, many people struggle with both mental conditions and substance use disorder. For example, singer and songwriter Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys has famously dealt with substance use disorder as well as mental illness that has been described as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

This means that people with bipolar disorder are far from alone in their struggles. In addition, both conditions are complicated medical conditions, not personal choices.

That’s why it’s important to seek professional help if you have a dual diagnosis. After all, if you have diabetes, you wouldn’t try to treat the disease on your own. Similarly, substance use disorder and mental illnesses are just that—illnesses. Professionals at rehab centers have the education and experience to help you overcome your problems.

This experience can help you overcome BOTH conditions. This is crucial. If you struggle with a dual diagnosis and just receive treatment for your substance use disorder, you have not sought treatment for your mental condition. This means you could still be depressed or anxious. You might be tempted to use alcohol and drugs again to cope with your depression or anxiety.

Similarly, if you receive treatment for your depression but not your substance use disorder, you might continue to drink or use drugs. Since using those substances can cause depression, you might be back to abusing substances and feeling depressed. This could undo all the hard work, energy, and money you’ve invested into treatment.

Clearly, the combination of depression and substance use disorder is complicated. It’s not just a case of the Monday blues. Luckily, professionals in Texas can treat these conditions and how they interact with each other. They can help others build a more sober and healthier life.

Tune in tomorrow when we consider incorporating the Rolling Stones song “Ruby Tuesday” into a new article. (Spoiler alert: We don’t.)

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