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Dual Diagnosis Rehab: Treating Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Dual diagnosis rehab is a viable option for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Inpatient dual diagnosis treatment addresses both mental health disorders and drug addiction at the same time. Alcohol and drug addiction can lead to or be caused by mental health disorders. So, if you are struggling with addiction, dual diagnosis treatment in Texas might be the answer.

People with mental health disorders have a higher chance of developing a drug or alcohol addiction. In fact, 7.9 million of the people in the U.S. have a co-occurring mental health disorder with their substance use disorder, according to a 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

If you need dual diagnosis rehab, seek help. Many see addiction and mental illness as negative character traits, but no one at dual diagnosis treatment centers will look down on you. They only have one goal: to help. If you’re ready to control your dual diagnosis, look no further than the expert care offered at Willow Springs.

Common Disorders Addressed at Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Living with a mental health condition or a drug addiction can be extremely difficult. That’s why dual diagnosis treatment exists: to help those with co-occurring disorders. When you continue with substance abuse, not only will the addiction get worse, but so can the mental disorder. Some common mental disorders that the dual diagnosis treatment centers handle can include:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety disorders
  • PTSD
  • Personality disorders

These are just some of the disorders that are addressed in dual diagnosis treatment. Long term dual diagnosis treatment centers like Willow Springs will do everything in their power to point you in the right direction for further assistance with your mental disorder upon leaving treatment and ensure you have help in your dual diagnosis recovery.

Do I Need Dual Diagnosis Rehab?

Just because you think you have a mental health disorder doesn’t always mean that you do. Psychologists and psychiatrists study people’s symptoms to determine the appropriate type of treatment and adjust the treatments accordingly. A qualified psych doctor will diagnose and work with the counselors and therapist to help formulate your treatment plan after the detox phase of your rehabilitation.

If you think you or someone you love suffers from a mental illness, this person might:

  • Withdraw from others and refuse support
  • See, smell, or feel sensory experiences that don’t exist
  • Believe things that aren’t true
  • Experience feelings of despair or hopelessness
  • Follow rituals to relieve anxiety
  • Have trouble keeping friends, jobs, or regular residences
  • Display dramatic changes in mood and energy levels

A mental health professional will help you determine if you or your loved one needs dual diagnosis treatment. When you work on your mental illness you will put yourself in a better position to stay sober after leaving treatment.

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Does Dual Diagnosis Rehab Work?

The dual diagnosis rehab option has proven to be effective at fighting substance abuse in the U.S. while helping people overcome their mental health disorders. People in treatment learn about their emotions and thoughts and how to appropriately correct the thoughts that enable addiction in order to remain sober.

However, treatment is only half the battle. The most effective ways to stay free from drugs and alcohol after treatment is to attend aftercare and support group meetings. Quitting addiction is about bravery and sticking to a sobriety plan. Going to support group meetings and seeing a therapist can be beneficial. Getting sober isn’t easy, but doing so will allow you to fulfill your dreams in the future and live a happier life.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Texas Is Affordable

Many think that the best dual diagnosis treatment centers are expensive. This is not always the case. Our facility offers top quality treatment at an affordable cost that is hard to match.  With the help of your insurance, treatment doesn’t have to be expensive. Insurances have stipulations to what treatment they will fund, but there are laws in place to make sure you get the health coverage you need.

Drug and alcohol addiction takes a toll on your body. It’s cheaper to treat your problem now than paying for it even more later. If you want the best dual diagnosis rehab in Texas, call Willow Springs today. We accept many insurance plans and can get you the treatment you need. Whether you prefer rehab that focuses on the 12 steps, or faith-based rehab, we can tailor a treatment plan that meets your needs.  You CAN beat your addiction and mental illness – and we’re here to help.